Mocha Cookie Cheesecake Ice-cream


Remember in my last post when I said I was off to make a cake? Well, I lied. While I can think of nothing more enticing than the scent of a sweet, spicy carrot cake or a pan of rich, indulgent chocolate brownies wafting from the oven on a chilly, overcast Winter’s afternoon, it just doesn’t have that same effect on a hot sunny Summer’s day in Australia. It was the kind of day more suited for a sweet frosty dessert.

I made New York Cheesecake ice-cream once, quite a while ago, and it was amazing. The delicious, tangy tartness of cream cheese was a nice change from the typical sugary sweetness of ice-cream. I was in the mood for something along those lines, but decided to jazz it up a bit by making a Mocha version! I added some coffee to the mixture, and instead of having a “biscuit base” like an actual cheesecake, this ice-cream has crushed Oreos mixed in, much like a Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavoured ice-cream would. I used the chocolate-cream filled ones for extra chocolatey goodness.


Personally, I think the combination of ingredients turned out great! The Oreo cookies were a fine substitute for the cheesecake base, adding a subtle chocolatey crunch and balancing out the tartness of the cream cheese, and it had a nice coffee flavour without being overpowering or bitter. I think it would also work as an actual ice-cream cheesecake, with a chocolate biscuit base, either with or without the Oreos mixed in.

Also, these photographs were taken with the assistance and expertise of my boyfriend John. You can check out his facebook page and contact him at John Behind The Lens!

As this blog progresses, I’m hoping to learn more about food styling and photography so I can capture all the deliciousness on camera. So hopefully you can look forward to some great photographs in the future!

Mocha cookie cheesecake ice-cream:

(adapted from 500 Ice Creams)

250g double thick cream
240g cream cheese, softened slightly
80g caster sugar (you can adjust this depending on how sweet you want it)
2 egg yolks
1 teaspoon instant coffee, dissolved in 2 tablespoons boiling water
90g chocolate-cream filled Oreo cookies

1. Whip the cream. Then beat in the cream cheese, coffee, sugar and egg yolks until the mixture is nice and smooth. Pour the mixture into your ice-cream maker and let it churn.

2. When the ice-cream is almost frozen but still quite soft, grab your Oreos, and crush them up into crumbs (I find a potato masher works quite well for all my cookie-crushing needs). You can leave a few slightly larger chunks if you’d like, for a contrast of texture.

3. When ice-cream appears ready (mine took about 20 minutes altogether, but this will depend on your ice-cream maker), pour in the crushed Oreos and let it church until evenly combined. Pour the ice-cream into a freezable container and store in the freezer for a couple of hours, until firm. You may need to take the container out 10-15 minutes prior to serving to allow the ice-cream to soften.

Oh, and serve topped with one of your spare Oreos!


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