Pepparkakor – a Swedish Christmas Delight!


So, life has been ridiculously hectic this Christmas season. Between college, my internship, and other commitments, I’ve barely had time to immerse myself in all manner of Christmas goodness. Well, I mean, I’ve had a little time. I somehow managed to finish all my Christmas shopping ages ago and even had a spare evening to go Christmas light spotting (which I really must do again quite soon!) And just the other day, I finally got around to baking up a storm. A festive, tasty, gingerbread-y storm.

So for those of you who follow Sneaky Pudding’s facebook page, you may have noticed that I posted a little sneak preview of a recipe I attempted from a Kikki.K catalog – “Pepparkakor”. I absolutely adore Kikki.K and was delighted to find a little recipe hidden amongst the catalog’s pages!

When I actually read over the recipe, I was a little skeptical at first. 8 cups of flour? Um, wow. That’s going to make a tonne of cookies. But I thought, hey, I need to bake up some gifts for people… so instead of just halving the recipe, I decided to attempt the entire thing.

Just a small word of warning to everyone though: when a recipe says to “chill in the fridge overnight”, it generally means overnight. Not “chill in the fridge for over 24 hours while you go to work and then get home super late”. The dough was pretty hard once I got it out of the fridge, although with a little kneading it softened quite nicely.

Then it was time to bake some cookies. It was 10.30 at night, but I was determined.

Two trays of pretty star/angel/gingerbread-man/tree shaped cookies made their merry way in and out of the oven that night. And there was still a mountain of dough left over. By that point, it was approaching midnight and I seriously needed some sleep, so I popped the rest of the dough back in the fridge and decided to call it a night. I baked the rest of the cookies the following evening (a lot earlier in the evening, by the way!) and I’m pretty sure by the end of it I ended up with over 100 cookies. The recipe said 60-70, but my cookie cutters are rather tiny so I ended up with more.

Let me just say that I love this recipe. It may make a ridiculous amount of cookies, but they taste sensational. It’s definitely all the spices – ginger, cloves, cinnamon… seriously, they just taste like Christmas. It’s like putting a slice of Christmas in your mouth. Oh, and they’re quite addictive. Be warned.


If you want the recipe (of course you do!) click here and enjoy!


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