Delicious Cornbread!


Last night, I had this hilarious dream in which I was baking some bread. I’ve never made actual “Bread” bread before – like, the kind you’d use for sandwiches – so I was feeling pretty proud of myself in that dream as I watched it rise in the warm oven. Then I noticed something was a little off – for some reason, there was a metal spoon sitting on top of the loaf! This is so typical of dreams… there’s always something weird going on. I didn’t want to remove it from the oven because I thought it would stuff up the baking, so I just left it in there. When I finally took the loaf out, it was well-risen and quite lovely except for a massive dent where the spoon had been. Then I had to take a photo of it for my blog so I was trying to find an angle where the dent was not visible.

I blame this crazy dream on two things – the fact that I’d baked some cornbread that afternoon for the first time, and the fact that baking said cornbread got me into a bread baking mood and right before I went to bed, I was leafing through one of the baking books I’d received for Christmas and thinking of what I should try baking next.

So, back to the cornbread. Here’s a fun fact: up until yesterday, I’d never baked or even eaten cornbread before! I scarcely even knew what it was! But I saw the recipe, thought it looked pretty good, and decided that it would play a vital role in the feast I was whipping up for my family. It was a fairly small feast, in fact not really a feast at all, but I just like calling it a “feast” because it makes me feel like I’m a king or something, feasting every night, wearing my shiny crown and holding my goblet and chuckling heartily. Anyway, this feast involved Cream of Cauliflower soup, and I thought that since it’s a fairly light soup it needs something on the side… like cornbread!

I was a bit worried because it said to use “cornmeal”, which we couldn’t find in the shops. But I thought, wait, isn’t polenta the same thing? A few Google searches later, I was somewhat convinced, albeit not entirely confident, but I decided to give it a go.

When the cornbread came out of the oven, it looked so warm and tempting. It seemed absurd to wait until the soup was ready. I had at least two pieces of it while it was hot from the oven, and convinced the rest of my family to try some too so they too could enjoy the goodness that is freshly baked cornbread (and also so I would feel less greedy about chowing down on so much of it before dinner).

It’s amazing. And so addictive. And so versatile, too! We had it as a side dish with the soup yesterday, dipping it in to soak up the flavor. As I type this, I’m enjoying another piece with a bit of jam and a cup of coffee. And I have all these ideas for new recipes. Cheese-filled cornbread, served hot from the oven so the cheese is all melty and gooey? Or how about jam-filled cornbread as a nice sweet treat? You will most definitely be seeing more cornbread recipes on my blog in the near future, no doubt about it. Be excited!

Since I copied the exact recipe from the book with no alterations this time, I won’t be posting it up here, but I would highly recommend the book I got it from; “The Way We Used to Cook.”

Happy baking!


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