High Tea, Turning 21, and Other Shenanigans


Hi guys! So, this blog post is going to be little different, because I didn’t bake anything. Truth be told, I haven’t been baking much at all lately. Time is flying by way too fast! The start of the year seemed to by crawling by super slowly and it felt like I was fitting in so many adventures within that short period of time, but now it almost feels like the opposite. I have only a couple of months of college left and most of my time is spent chained to my laptop, sometimes doing assignments and sometimes getting distracted and watching videos or online window-shopping (for clothes. Not windows.)

So instead of offering you a recipe today, my dear readers, I shall instead enchant you with the story of the High Tea I indulged in for my 21st a few weeks ago on the Ides of March.

Originally, I was going to host my own High Tea at home, and bake everything myself. Little sandwiches, tiny cupcakes, scones, maybe even macarons… but realistically, with a busy week and a hair appointment that morning and barely any time to plan recipes, shop for ingredients and actually make everything, I realized that it just wouldn’t work out. So I figured, hey, why don’t I go out?

So on the 15th of March, a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon, myself and 21 other lovely people (heh, 21 guests at my 21st, I love how that worked out!) got all dolled up (and whatever the male equivalent of “dolled up” is) and made our merry way over to Gatehouse Tea Rooms in Parramatta Park! The theme was “vintage” and everyone looked rather dashing in their ensembles. The weather was beautiful and held out for the duration of the party… only to turn into a violent thunderstorm while everyone was driving home. Oops.

Now seeing as though this is a “Blog of Sweetness” I suppose I should talk about some sweets, and just the food in general I guess.

We got a selection of different kinds of tea, and wanting to try something different, I went for the Peach black tea. It was so nice; not bitter and strong like I normally find black tea and thus no need to add milk. It tasted almost like a herbal tea, or perhaps like a peach iced tea but just not iced. Very light, delicate and fruity.




The nibblies were served on a tall, 3-tier tower of deliciousness. On the bottom layer there were small finger sandwiches and miniature quiches; on the middle layer there were warm scones, cream and jam; and on the uppermost layer (which I must confess was my favourite!) there was a selection of sweets; blueberry macarons, dark chocolate tarts with a tiny gold leaf in the centre, tiny cupcakes, and these really lovely little tarts filled with some sort of apricot jam and topped with what looked (and tasted) like toasted marshmallow. It all felt very fancy and classy, like we should all be delicately holding our teacups and extending our pinkies and speaking in British accents peppered with the occasional, “Oh, yes, rather!” and “Quite right, old chap!”

I would most definitely recommend this place if you want a High Tea; it’s in a beautiful outdoor location, the people working there are warm and welcoming and the food is ridiculously amazing.

My next challenge… to attempt to host my own High Tea! I seriously want to do this some time, although naturally with a few less people do I don’t go crazy from baking too much ;)


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